How do you showcase films?

After you share your project, it goes through an internal scrutiny to determine if it meets the time duration and criteria. After which we upload it to our YouTube channel, Facebook page and other social media platforms. We also add detailed information of the producer and director. For films traveling in the festival circuit, we add the festival’s information.

How long does the first review generally take?

Depending on the numbers of films it can take from 10 days to 14 days.

I am submitting my film to other festivals. Can I still submit to MGT?

Yes, you can, just make sure that you own the rights to the project and it is your intellectual property.

My film is in my local language. Can I still submit it?

Yes, we take pride in showcasing films from cultures all over the world. The film should have English subtitles. Failure to do so may disqualify you. 

Will I mantain the ownership of my film?

MGT only reviews and showcases your content over YouTube and other social media platforms. We have zero ownership of the films you submit. They remain the property of the creator.

I submitted my film more than 14 days ago and have not heard any thing from MGT.

Unfortunately, your project did not qualify for further rounds.

If I submit, am I guaranteed a feature?

Unfortunately, no. MGT only showcases those projects that meet our rules and requirements and qualify for the Audience Choice round.

Do you accept Private Links?

No, please only use the submission options given on the MGT website and follow the instructions to submit your project

How long will my short film be on Shorted?

If selected, your short film will never be removed from the website or our YouTube channel. However the filmmaker can notify us if they wish to remove their short film. Conditions will apply.

Will I be notified if my film does not get nominated?

No, unfortunately as we are flooded with entries we will not be able to send notifications if you do not make it to the second round. 

What can I film with?

You can film with a mobile phone or a tablet. You can use accessories including microphones, stabilisers, filters, removable lenses etc.

What should be the duration of my Project?

12 minute maximum, including the title and end credits.

Can I add special effects during the editing and post production?

Yes you can.

Can I show a brand in my project?


Can I use pre-existing music?

Yes and no. If you want to use any music in your film, you must hold the appropriate rights or have been authorised to use it by the author or its rights holders. You will be required to prove this, where requested by our team. There is, however, lots of royalty-free music available for you to use. Please take a look at the YouTube audio library.

Can I enter more than one video into the competition?

Yes, you can enter as many films as you like, free of charge. However, only one film per director can be shortlisted for the competition. When registering more than one film, please use the same username, email address and password for each one. Failure to do so will disqualify you.

What format of video files do you accept?

MP4 and MOV files, at a size of 1 (one) GB maximum. 

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