MGT Festival is made possible by the generosity of our partners.


DREAMGRIP™ is the brand for SMART filming solutions.

These SMART filming solutions are supplied by DREAMGRIP™ for filming a professional level visual content. While merging them with the technology, that everyone has today with smartphones. DREAMGRIP™ products are designed to empower content creator enthusiasts as well as mature operators with simple and accessible but yet fully functional and adjustable gears. With DREAMGRIP™ ANYONE can film like a PRO, be a Vlogger, Journalist, create a number of your own original Shows; broadcast via social media or your own channel from home studio, from your car, or just on the go; and can even produce a movie. We do everything for Phoneography. But we develop truly smart solutions, which are not just designed for smartphones only but can be used with many other devices as well including Action or DLSR cameras. We make our products universally compatible to increase its value without increasing the price. The demand for digital content is growing rapidly. It is the way we communicate today and we are both the consumers and creators of the content. The skills of making the quality visual content already are essential for socializing. The skills come just the next after ability to read and to wright. DREAMGRIP will support you whether you take your fist steps in the field, or master your skills, or even teach others with the visual art techniques.



The Digital Media Ecosystem for a Mobile Generation

MojoReporter is a platform that includes an app for mobile and a dashboard for desktop to work seamlessly between the two devices. It is the future of mobile media collection for teams, communities and content creators. MojoReporter is for anyone who works within the media, marketing, brands, sports, education, NGO, NPO, CSI and entertainment and creative industries.


We are a digital-based storytelling platform

Mobile Journalism Africa is a platform for everyone. We believe that ‘Our Stories are Best Told by Us’ and that it is not always what bleeds that should lead. Mobile journalism is the future of storytelling. We endeavor to empower people to tell their stories, from wherever they are, using their smartphones. We have contributors from across the country and even from some of the countries in the region. We endeavor to have more and more contributors from Africa, and this will help us in our quest to retell Africa’s narrative.


The Sudanese foundation for mobile journalism (Mojo Sudan) is media foundation registered in the ministry of culture on 9 July 2019 , to provide training and capacity building in mobile journalism (MOJO) for journalists, digital storytellers and media students in the Sudan. The establishment of the foundation was part of a strategic vision to promote the spread of mobile journalism culture as one of the most modern and growing media in the world, through Workshops and training courses, production, exhibits , festivals partnerships and networking with similar institutions at Sudan and abroad.

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Mobile Got Talent

The MGT festival is an online showcase , Powered by  Mojo Pakistan.

The festival is aimed at everyone brimming with creative energy. We invite people from all backgrounds and abilities to enter and welcome videos of all genres.