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A Karachi based organisation that provides critical Mobile Journalism (MOJO) training to journalists, storytellers, activists and people from all walks of life, from across Pakistan.

The Team

We consist of a team of Journalists, Mobile Content Creators and other Professionals who aim to empower individuals with the power of using their smartphones as an essential video recording tool. Our trainers possess hundreds of hours of training experience.


Nisma Chauhan

Marketing Director.

Nisma Chauhan has been associated with Pakistan’s media industry since 2014. She has worked in different newsrooms in Pakistan and has also worked in the US with Portland Tribune as the US-Pakistan Professional Partnership for Journalists Fellow 2018.

She has worked with online news platforms and helped them create their brand identity in the digital era.

Jam Najaf Ali

Marketing Consultant.

former journalist in the field of Technology has also vastly increased my understanding of the role innovation plays in today’s market place and how growing technology is the key contributor towards a sustainable business model.



Multimedia Trainer, Researcher, and Technology Specialist.

Since 2016, Ayaz has led the development of mobile journalism (mojo) in Pakistan to harness the potential of smartphones for content creation and storytelling.

Ayaz has conducted training workshops with national and international journalists, media professionals, activists and students. He has worked with Express News, CEJ IBA, Global Neighborhood for Media Innovation (G.N.M.I) and Society of International Education (S.I.E).

He has trained hundreds of journalists during workshops organised by Centre for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) in collaboration with Deutsche Welle (DW), MDTF, World Bank Group and Karachi Press Club.


Drama Artist, Multimedia Trainer & Journalist.

Nida Khan has over 10 years of experience in front of the camera as a national TV drama artist. Her popular work includes Qadoorat and Parsa on Hum TV among others. One of her short films, Dia, is available on Amazon Prime in the UK and US territories.

She is a trained multimedia journalist and has been in the field for over five years. She also conducts mobile journalism (MOJO) training workshops for students and working professionals as a part of MOJO Pakistan.

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Mobile Got Talent

The MGT festival is an online video showcase , Powered by  Mojo Pakistan.

The festival is for everyone brimming with creative energy. We invite people from all backgrounds and abilities to enter and welcome videos of all genres.